Thursday, 24 March 2016

Britain's tallest carousel ride, Fargate.

Britain's tallest carousel ride, Sheffield, Fargate, March 2016Hooray! Britain's tallest carousel ride has now been erected in Fargate in Sheffield city centre.

If memory serves me right, it's two hundred and twenty feet tall, which makes it just thirty five feet shorter than the University Arts Tower and therefore makes it one of the tallest structures in Sheffield.

As I explained on Twitter on the day I took these photos, I have so far neglected to go on it.

There are those who may assume it's because I'm a spineless coward afraid of being flung around at great altitude in a way that nature never intended.

It is instead because Logan's Run has made me deeply distrustful of carousels.

It's also made me distrustful of robots who want to be sculptors.

Fortunately, there are no such robots in Fargate.

I've checked.

Anyway, here's a load of people who clearly don't realise that, now that they've been on it, it means they have to be disintegrated on their thirtieth birthday.

Britain's tallest carousel ride, Sheffield, Fargate, March 2016

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